Die Salz-Produktion in Pakistan - Qualität in Handarbeit

The production in Pakistan

KönigsSalz would like to thank its more than 100 employees in Pakistan for their excellent work. In particular, we would like to pay our respects to: Mr Gulom Rosul, Mr Gulom Muhmmad, Mr M. Nawaz, Mr M. Mumtaiz, Mr Ameer Muhmmad, Mr M. Aqbal, Mr Ahmad Sher, Mr Ahsan Ahmad, Mr Muhmmad Khan, Mr M. Forooq, Mr Muhmmad Khan, Mr Muhmmad Akbar, Mr Faiz Ahmad, Mr Forooq Ahmad and Mr Muhmmad Nasir.

Social commitment

With the manufacture in Pakistan, KönigsSalz is supporting several social institutions taking care of outcast women and promoting the education of disadvantaged children. 

Manufacture in Weigendorf

KönigsSalz products are “hand-crafted”. At KönigsSalz people are not replaced by machines and you will find our industrious employees labelling, mixing, filling, sawing, grinding, formatting, packing...

We value high-quality and traditionally made products.