Geben Sie Ihrem Tier die lebenswichtigen Nährstoffe, die es braucht

Elixir of life for our four-legged friends

Several thousands of years ago humans and animals formed a friendship – not least resulting from the discovery of salt. Until then, prehistoric man and his tribe restlessly followed the game animals around. Deep in the forests and the mountains it led him where rock salt appeared on the earth’s surface, to where prehistoric deer, antelopes and the like travelled long ways to satisfy their demand for trace elements and minerals.

It was a revolution when man began to quarry out chunks in these hidden spots to take them back to his camp. Now it was him who the animals followed. Salt lickstones placed close to the caves slowly turned the animals’ suspiciousness into trust. Simple mangers became stables that protected the animals from the wind and the rain, forest and steppe animals became the sheep, cattle and horses that, today, we know, love and cherish like gold.

KönigsSalz salt lickstones are reminders of this fraternisation of animals and humans. They are an expression of the appreciation of our animal company. Just like in the past, they are still taken from the salt dome in whole pieces, shaped by hand and dried. True to the motto “less is more”, they are created without any further processing.

KönigsSalz salt lickstones are purely natural and therefore ideal for supplying small and large pets, but also wild animals with essential substances that are only contained in salt, in a species-appropriate way, free from artificial additives. Sheep, goat, cattle, horses and rodents, such as rabbits and hamsters, appreciate this and prefer KönigsSalz salt lickstones by instinct, as experiments have shown.

Therefore you will find the salt lickstones wherever the symbiosis of humans and animals is the most intensive: at the paddocks of the English royal family, at the stables of the famous Spanish Riding School and of the United Arab Emirates. Foresters also know that KönigsSalz salt lickstones clearly last longer outdoors. If you see a large pink, shimmering crystal during your next walk through the forest, you can be almost sure that the deer are being offered the best of all possibilities.