Salz als Baustoff - Salzsteine und Salzfliesen für eine außergewöhnliche Atmosphäre

Salt as a building material for exceptional living and working atmospheres

The wonderful structuring and the backlit orange-red shades offer new dimensions of interior design. The building material of salt is available as tiles or bricks, as natural chunks or as cylinders for constructing pillars. Apart from the orange-red KönigsSalz salt, our specialties include reddish brown Alpine salt, white Carpathian salt or mystical bluish Persian salt.

You can either use this new and unique building material as an illuminated casing for heatings, as baseboards, benches, wall partitions, as sauna or tepidarium linings or as an additional design element on the wall in the shape of a picture.

In addition to the visible benefits, salt also has soothing properties. Thanks to a pleasant play of light in natural colours, KönigsSalz building materials have a pleasant effect on our mental and emotional condition. Furthermore, the air is enriched with negative ions. This provides it with the invigorating freshness we experience when we are by the sea, in the mountains or close to waterfalls. Scientific examinations have shown that our wellbeing is increased, the more negative ions are present.

With KönigsSalz building materials you can add plays of colour and light to your home and your workplace.

From a technical perspective, everything is possible and there are no limits as to your imagination. All you have to do is ask us.

Generally, the thinner the salt, the whiter its colour. The 5 cm thick tile is ideal for backlighting. 

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