Die KönigsSalz Philosophie: Zurück zu den Ursprüngen des Lebens

The KönigsSalz philosophy

Our motto at KönigsSalz is “back to the origins of life”. Ensuring the existence and appreciation of KönigsSalz in the long run is highly important to us. This also implies reliability and trustful relationships with our customers.

It is particularly important that KönigsSalz employees identify with the company. We expect our employees to exchange knowledge and to display strong-mindedness and mutual respect, independent of their sex or nationality. We believe that only satisfied and committed employees in a pleasant working environment and with a healthy portion of will power and resolve are fully able to support our company’s goals. With joint forces KönigsSalz will continue to grow and be successful.

KönigsSalz has set a courageous course for the future, and innovation is our constant task. The company’s international orientation, its readiness to continuously meet new challenges and its holistic approach clearly set KönigsSalz apart from its competitors.

Our sustainable company value implies the efficient use of resources (economics), the protection of health and the environment (ecology) as well as social responsibility. This also includes our commitment to social matters.