Kompetenz und Leidenschaft - das Team von KönigsSalz freut sich auf seine Kunden

Salt is our common passion

We, the KönigsSalz team, are a colourful mixture of very different characters. We are intellectual, down-to-earth, innovative and pragmatic. We are female, male and cosmopolitan. We are craftsmen, explorers, organisers and natural salt activists. Each of us is allowed and expected to act out his or her very personal strengths. Because only the diversity of competences and views will develop into great common achievements.

The fact that each of us spends a great amount of hours surrounded by natural salt, handling it and breathing salty air, may explain why we are so committed to our work. We were all lucky to have turned our personal interest into a profession. None of us became part of this family by accident, a family that tries to demonstrate with almost missionary eagerness that the more awareness there is for this gift of nature, the more wellbeing, relaxation and inner balance there will be.

We are proud that our attitude to everyday work is this successful. Please allow us to return the praise and joviality that we experience from our customers and partners each day to you, as you are reading these lines. We, the KönigsSalz team, is cordially inviting you to discover our world. It is important to say that, despite the certain distance that is created by the internet, we try to make personal customer relationships possible and welcome the close contact.