Gesundheitsprodukte von KönigsSalz für gesundheitsbewusste Endkunden oder im Großhandel

Body in balance – spa applications for your home

Hochwertige KönigsSalze, Edelsteine, NasenSpray, SoleSpray

The bathing culture of the ancient Romans is legendary. In actual fact, there is no civilisation in history that placed more importance on public baths. Furthermore, already 1,900 years ago, worthy legionnaires in Budapest, which is Europe’s biggest health spa today, were promised relief of their physical indispositions. Also, the name of the British city of Bath already alludes to the reason of why it was founded in the first century, and last but not least, Aachen, Baden Baden, Wiesbaden and Badenweiler – in Germany, cures are taken where the Romans treasured the benefits of water and salt on the body.

Although the Egyptians and Greeks already knew how to use salt as a cure: Telling the story of the “white gold” as so-called “medicin” should not be started with any other time than the era of Caesar. However, there is a good reason for why many of the salt applications passed down from ancient times are no longer practiced. As an example, Imhotep, who built the first pyramid, recommend covering open wounds with salt. Although this does indeed promote wound healing, it is very painful and – watch out! – it can even be dangerous with refined salt from the supermarket, as artificial additives such as aluminium hydroxide, which is admixed as an anticaking agent, could find its way into the bloodstream.

KönigsSalz Gesundheitsprodukte

The ancient Romans enjoyed various possibilities of applying salt, just like the guests of today’s modern spa retreats. A full bath with KönigsSalz salts is invigorating and good for your skin, and nose spray or an inhalation soothes dry or irritated mucous membranes. Compresses with the special KönigsSalz brine mixture, eye and mouthwashes, inunctions and foot baths – all of these are based on 2,000 years of experience in fulfilling one of man’s greatest wishes: to feel fully at ease and find relaxation and peace after a long day of work.