KönigsSalz WaterModule® – For use in wet areas and outdoor areas

We have developed something that was previously impossible. Our backlit WaterModules can now be used to add atmosphere to your outdoor and wet areas and to make them more attractive.
-  In showers, swimming pools, steam baths, saunas, bio-saunas and baths
-  In spas
-  In bars and hotel rooms and suites
-  Outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants
-  As a decorative element on facades, at entrances, on walls, ceilings and floors
-  In customer and reception areas of companies
The KönigsSalz WaterModules are completely watertight and salting out is prevented by our revolutionary construction methods – the salt walls are shielded from moisture by glass panels. There is no wear and tear.
In addition, they are particularly well-suited for the hottest saunas. They are heat-resistant to 150°C and therefore there are no limits on their creative use. What’s more, the KönigsSalz WaterModule is UV-resistant.

Whether it be linear or round, the WaterModule is available in (almost) any shape and can be customised. The WaterModules are surrounded by high-quality stylish frames which can be designed in all RAL colours. This way, the frames can blend into the background unobtrusively or they can be designed with your company colours or preferred colours and can be used to make an impact. The backlight can either be an RGB colour chosen by you or white. The stones are available either in atmospheric shades of orange, if you choose Himalaya KönigsSalz, or in white, if you choose Halit KönigsSalz. Of course, you can also combine both and use this combination to highlight certain areas.

Particularly pleasing: The KönigsSalz WaterModules are prefabricated and are therefore quick and easy to install. This allows you to configure individual widths and heights and create the perfect design for your needs. We are happy to help you during the design phase. What’s more, with our WaterModules there is no need for any maintenance or servicing work.

Let yourself be won over by the unique beauty of our salt systems and impress your guests and customers with your stylish space.