Back to the origins of life with KönigsSalz SALARIUM®

KönigsSalz SALARIUM, Salz-Grotte, Salz-Sauna, Salz-Raum

Forget everything you know about salt caves. A KönigsSalz SALARIUM® is not a cave, but a harmonious oasis of salt with unique plays of light as well as a hand-painted sky with thousands of stars. The harmonious light in natural colours has a pleasant effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

KönigsSalz SALARIUM® creates a microclimate as it is found in salt caves. A brine misting device develops a saltine mist in the KönigsSalz SALARIUM®. Each breath caresses your mucous membranes and airways with fine salt particles and activates your body’s self-regulating forces.

Designing with an unusual building material: KönigsSalz

Baustoff Salz, Individuelle Raumgestaltung mit Salz, QRS-Schienensystem zur einfachen Installation

There are no limits to interior design with salt. Backlit salt as a floors, skirting boards, wall paintings, partitions, wells, graduation systems, radiator covers, shelves or salt heating walls.

This will bring wonderful warm shades to your life and you will feel the pleasant freshness, just like a stay by the sea or a waterfall…

Salt creates a dust and allergy-free microclimate. This provides wellbeing and increases the mental and physical performance. Many interior decorators and artists deal with this new dimension of design – using salt as a building material.