Bonbons und Schokolade - Salzprodukte für Genießer von KönigsSalz

Not only good against coughs, irritations and hoarseness

KönigsSalz SaltzSchokolade

Many German towns with a history of salt mining and processing still carry the syllable of “Hall” in their names. Well-known examples are Hallein near Salzburg, where the Celts operated a mine, and of course Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria with its 31 km of brine lines that were completed in 1619. The city in which the salt candy was invented in 1892 is also one of the ancient production sites of the “white gold”.

The reason of why the brotherhood of salt-panners decided to turn the culinary customs of their times upside down is unknown. However, this led to the discovery of a traditional home remedy that has been used for more than 100 years. The men placed one of their salt making pans on the stove and added sugar, starch and a little fruit juice or herbs – the traditional candy ingredients. Then they used their more than 1,000 years of experience in salt making, rounding off their revolutionary balm against coughs, hoarseness and colds with 10 % brine. Our KönigsSaltz candy is still made according to the original recipe. All of our flavours are completely based on the idea of the brotherhood of salt-panners who wanted to capture the soothing effect the salt mine had on their airways. Now all men and women have to do is reach for a candy inside their coat pocket for relief. Those men knew exactly that the salty air in the works was the reason for their good health. 

KönigsSalz SaltzBonbons

Just like in those times, the salt contained in our candy is not refined. Nowadays, you will not find many products with unrefined salt. Natural Alpine brine offers particular relief for the frontal sinus, the mucous membranes and the vocal chords. KönigsSaltz (we spell it with “tz” according to the German orthography rules at the time they were invented) candies are very tasty – even if you don’t suffer from a cold. And if you like the candy, we also recommend our salty chocolate.