Das Lebenselexir Wasser veredelt durch KönigsSalz NaturSalz und Edelsteine

Vital water on a natural course

In actual fact we should have every reason to celebrate, as all we have to do is turn on the tap to enjoy fresh drinking water. But our natural instinct, which, luckily, we have not lost after a few thousand years of civilisation, is reluctant to warm to water from the tap. The excellent chemical values cannot hide the fact that this drink has been industrially treated and is therefore lifeless. KönigsSalz gemstones provide the water with the energy structure that is essential for wellbeing and that you will find wherever water is taken directly from the source.

There are many theories according to which physicians, biochemists and other natural scientists as well as medical practitioners and spiritual forward-thinkers explain the indisposition brought about by our modern drinking water supply. Likewise, there are just as many possibilities of energising, ionising and invigorating drinking water offered to the health-conscious consumer. Many of these procedures work with electricity and electrodes – similar to the drinking water industry. At KönigsSalz we prefer the natural way.

KönigsSalz gemstones for positively charged drinking water are treasures from within nature. They store the energy prevailing in the earth’s core in the highest possible concentration. Just like in nature, where the water has plenty of contact with minerals on its way to the source, they also pass on their energy in your home. The composition of our KönigsSalz energy gems is based on the thousand-year-old use of gemstones in the art of healing. Rose quartz absorbs oscillations and radiation, and rock crystal is a great energy supplier that positively charges the water. As a third component, amethyst ensures that the vital energy is bound in the water’s molecular structure.