Zubehörprodukte, Mühlen und Gefäße für die Qualitätssalze von KönigsSalz


Surveys have shown: People who live attentively, healthy and in accordance with nature, appreciate high-quality of furniture and articles of daily use even more. This is why we carefully select the accessories we offer to you as the “icing on the cake” for your kitchen, dining table, etc.

Just like with our salts and our care, spa and wellness products, we apply our philosophy of the natural to the grinders, mortars and gift ideas presented to you.

They also benefit from the materials that have been available to men and women from the beginning of time. Olive tree wood and decorative rock salt are two of these materials creating the timeless feel of comfort in our homes. Combined with glass and metal, they add a noble and elegant touch.

If you frequently visit the shopping centres of the major cities, you will be astonished that we only included a small excerpt from an extensive range. In our opinion, less is indeed more. We deliberately go without the dead weight, to concentrate on what is important together with you: wellbeing, satisfaction and the inner core.