Exklusiver Genuss! KönigsSalz Gold Edition

Once reserved for the kings – bathing and decorating with gold

Gold fascinated men and women like no other precious metal. For a long time, owning it was reserved for kings, priests and the aristocratic elite – not only due to its exorbitant price. It was gold that separated the noblemen from us mere mortals. Its shine provided Pharaohs, Inca rulers, emperors, popes and the like with a nimbus of immortality – or at least of admirable dignity. 

Against this background, we come to understand why Hildegard von Bingen and the famous alchemist and physician Paracelsus recommended eating the precious metal as a cure against nervousness, depression and diseases such as rheumatism. Medieval scholars were convinced that this would give their patients access to the charisma and the sanctity of the rulers and saints.

Healing and wellbeing by elevation to a higher social class – this is also why the spicy liqueur “Danziger Goldwasser” (“Golden water from Gdansk”) invented by Ambrozy Vermollen in 1598 is still mixed with flecks of the precious metal today.

Ever since TV chefs have been inspiring their audience to peak performances in the kitchen, gold as a “nourishment” has been on a triumphal procession through home gourmet kitchens. Due to this not completely harmless development, we created a bathing, salt, pepper and gift edition that is particularly valuable, as it does not contain actual precious metal. This collection will put the spotlight on your decoration. The sophisticated effect seems almost real, however it only contains absolutely natural colourants that are non-hazardous to health and used in many food products. 

True to the motto: The KönigsSalz Gold-Edition is a double royal treat for you and your friends.