Körperpflege mit SaunaSalz, SalzDeosteinen, Seifen und Peelings von KönigsSalz

Because beauty comes from the salt stock

KönigsSalz SaunaSalze

Did the world’s most beautiful woman suffer from a skin disease? Is this why she invented a whole range of dermatological spa applications to help her beautiful complexion? It is told that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, Caesar’s lover and dazzling last regent of the Empire of the Pharaohs, took two very special baths each day – one with salt, the other in pure ass’s milk. This combination did not only relief her suffering, but also provided her with a radiant look. Like no other, this legend is told in today’s beauty and wellness oases around the world.

Whether it’s the truth or a myth: Behind the story of Cleopatra’s eternally young complexion lies ancient knowledge about the cosmetics offered to us by nature. Already in the 14th century BC it was known that salt was one of two elements to provide women and men with a sense of wellbeing provided by pure, smooth and relaxed skin.
Whether you use it as a bath supplement, apply it as a peeling or as soap, on your face or your whole body – it gently removes dead skin particles and naturally cleanses your skin right to the pores. Furthermore, it smoothes the skin, promotes cell regeneration and improves the overall complexion.

KönigsSalz BadeSalze

Compared to the daily use of salt, Cleopatra’s baths in ass’s milk seem even more spectacular, an expression of lavish luxury. They were the royal way of re-establishing the skin’s protective acid layer after peeling. Care products by KönigsSalz meet this important task, which is the basis of traditional knowledge about beautiful skin, by combining it with high-quality, aromatic essential oils. They are the second element of natural cosmetics. Therefore they are perfectly suited if you are suffering from acne, itching, scars, age marks and for treating any kind of skin irritation. Care products by KönigsSalz are generally free from chemical and synthetic additives. No raw materials from dead animals and no genetically modified raw materials are applied.