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Back to the origins of life with KönigsSalz SALARIUM® Our services

Forget everything you know about salt caves. A KönigsSalz SALARIUM® is not a cave, but a harmonious oasis of salt with unique plays of light as well as a hand-painted sky with thousands of stars. The harmonious light in natural colours has a pleasant effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Already in ancient times salt was said to have health-promoting properties. Reports go back to the third century.

Today salt is also used in many public institutions. It is valuable for healthy living and is applied as a home remedy for treating the skin and airways more than ever.

KönigsSalz SALARIUM® creates a microclimate as it is found in salt caves. A brine misting device develops a saltine mist in the KönigsSalz SALARI-UM®. Each breath caresses your mucous membranes and airways with the fine salt particles and activates your body’s self-regulating forces.

Additionally, the “vitamins of the air”, negative ions, are increased by the installation of a graduation system.

The misted salt binds moisture in the skin and provides regeneration as well as a fresh and recuperated look – ideal also as a basis for the whole beauty and cosmetics area.

All devices are subject to the strict control of the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and approved as medical applications. Only in this way a flawless operation in terms of safety and hygiene is guaranteed without endangering the user.

With a KönigsSalz control that is specifically attuned to your SALARIUM® you are able to control all of the settings, such as the play of light, the temperature, the moisture content, the air quality, the music, etc., from your computer.