KönigsSalz WaterModul

KönigsSalz ® SaltDust "soothing Salt Spray par excellence"

A trip to the seaside is not only good for the soul, but for the respiratory tract as well. That is why people with respiratory problems, in particular, stand to benefit from our new product! SaltDust is a high-tech device which carefully doses the intake of microscopically small salt particles into your cubicle, creating a soothing microclimate with a dry salt spray.
In contrast to regular salt applications, when you breathe in the small salt particles, they spread throughout the entire respiratory system from your nose to your sinuses, and from your throat right into the corners of your lungs, with beneficial results.
The dry salt spray has strong moisture-binding properties, helping to more easily dislodge fixed secretions within the respiratory system. It encourages the removal of mucus and dirt from the airways.

 - SALARIUM®, salt caves, salt lounges
- wellness areas, saunas
- horse inhalationCan also be used in private areas!

The core element of SaltDust is the control developed by KönigsSalz®, which in connection with the sensor monitors the temperature and humidity value as well as the oxygen and salt content during a session. These values can be read on the integrated display. An additional external display is an option for offsite readings.
The generator, which crushes the salt into microscopically small particles, consists of a high-quality stainless steel case and a high-performance industrial engine.

--> control by measuring parameters such as salt content, temperature, humidity and oxygen content
--> long service life and minimum upkeep
--> quiet in operation due to silencer
--> easy to operate and clean
--> complex control can be expanded to a complete room control
--> can be connected to existing controls
--> fast service via plug and play spare parts management
--> micro-fine salt under one micron
--> fits all rooms

SultDust Mikroprozessor gesteuert


Saltdust V1 Stand-Alone for 15-100 m2 cubicles with a high-resolution display and digital control.
Very varied connectivity options to external controls.Optional accessory: salinity sensor

Saltdust V1 Light for 15-100 m2 cubicles. No display for integration to a main control such as the KönigsSalz bus control.

We are happy to answer your queries concerning special solutions.

--> outer dimensions WxHxD: 34x50x25 cm
--> space requirement WxHxD: 50x90x100 cm