Das KönigsSalz QRS-Schienensystem eignet sich hervorragend zur einfachen Installation von individuellen Raumgestaltungen mit Salz

Constructing with salt – KönigsSalz QuickRailSystem® Unique and safe - Protected by Patent DE10 2009 004 689.5 and utility model DE20 2009 000437.6

We have long-term experience in building with natural salt. Constantly driven by the aspiration of fast and clean processing and solid, convincing results, we developed a system to meet these provisions: the Quick-Railsystem®. The application of the system has proved to be successful long since. In wellness institutions, hotels… wherever the goal is to turn rooms into oases of pleasant regeneration. The system is easy to apply. It is free from adhesives and can therefore be used flexibly to even design ceilings and roundings. Nothing stands in the way of your idea to bring the charm of backlit salt to your rooms.

Quick, solid, adhesive-free
Precise fit thanks to production in Germany
Suitable for saunas up to 100 degrees

The following is possible:
Disassembly and reconstruction, adhesive-free design of ceilings and roundings, lighting, RGB-LED including remote control